Promptly Creative: December 2016

It’s a wonderful . . . knife? Holiday thriller and suspense is a thing, right? It should be.

The family gathering went to a dark place this year for your protagonist anti-hero. What pushed him/her over the edge?


Promptly Creative: POV Challenge

Character A is informed that Character B has been taken to the hospital after being shot in an armed robbery. B is out of surgery when A arrives but is not yet seemingly awake.

Describe the room, first from Character A’s perspective then from B’s as if he/she is aware of what’s happening though unable to respond. What does each character notice?

Promptly Creative: Living the Dream

Best to never end a story by having your character wake up to find it was all a dream, but what happens when waking up in your dream is just the beginning?

Everyone has bizarre dreams, right?

A year ago, I dreamed that I had been dropped from an airplane into shark-infested waters. The second I hit the water was when I woke up. In the ocean.

Last month, I dreamed I had been buried alive. I rolled out of bed choking on a mouthful of dirt.

Those were nothing compared to what I opened my eyes to this morning.

Will it be horror? Fantasy? Mystery? Have fun and sweet dreams!

Promptly Creative: 60 Days Later

A lot of New Year’s resolutions have been broken by now, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely abandoned. At least, not in this month’s prompt:

It only took two months for my resolution to falter. In sixty days, I had shattered all hope of staying true to the only course of action that could save my life.

Breaking that resolution is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Have fun!

Promptly Creative: Wives (and Grooms) Tale

To celebrate (or curse) Valentine’s Day, take a stab at this month’s story starter:

Morgan stumbled belatedly into the engagement party rain-soaked and ruined. A car that wouldn’t start was a blip on the radar compared to the eviction notice that shuffled its way under the door. Having finally found her way to the party in a downpour, she discovered the happy couple had arranged, insult to injury, a cash bar. Forlornly wringing out the sludge from her skirt hem, Morgan halfheartedly listened to the groom-to-be rattle away into a finicky microphone as she scanned the prices for a glass of wine.

“Turns out, our friends have been making up their own epic versions of how they think an electrician and a SCUBA instructor met, and Jules and I have decided that we want to hear ’em. But let’s make it interesting. Twenty bucks to enter, and you’ll get the chance to tell the whole crowd. The story we like best wins the cash.”

Morgan looked back down at the drinks menu and remembered the wadded bills in her purse; it was either an overpriced glass of Shiraz or a dim chance with whatever story she could weave. The number and sobriety of the giggling attendees already making for their wallets had her reaching for her own.

“And one last thing! There’s a vital clue on the table by the bar. Good luck!”

Morgan looked down at the table next to her to find the rusting metal head and broken shaft of a gardening spade.

Have fun!