What’s Your Read: September 2016

Some weeks I’m itching for a good mystery. Others I’m craving an emotional roller coaster. Or fantasy. Or historical fiction. Or goodness knows what. It might be brand new or something ancient or anywhere in between. In any case, it’s nice to share, so …

What’s Your Read?

The Fiction Class
Susan Breen

2016-09-28-fiction-classNo, there won’t be information on getting an agent. Yes, you really should do the assignments. Sorry, not sorry, the rabbit stays in the classroom.

Arabella covers the basics as usual, but something is different during this term’s fiction writing course. It could be that this is the first time that a student has run out of her class when asked to contribute. It could be the distracting older man flirting with her in the front. Or it could be the fact that her mother is dying.

Every week brings a new topic, a new assignment, and a new visit with the same difficult relative.

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