Find Your People

Ever play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or Separation, if you prefer the classic version)? Actor A was in Movie A with Actor B who was in Movie B with Actor C, etc. Actor A might never have worked with Actor C, but they do have someone in common in Actor B.

Apply the general principle of Six Degrees to writing. Having a community to rely on and contribute to is a valuable asset. One person might not have the answer to a question, but someone else that person knows might. The hive-mind is a powerful resource.

Find a local writers group, an online forum that talks about your genre, or an old-school pen pal. Don’t join something that doesn’t fit your needs, and certainly don’t break your bank on a membership. There are lots of free options from bigger organizations out there. For example, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have a great resource page that’s accessible without membership.

Can’t find exactly the community you’re looking for? Start one! Chances are someone else is searching for the same thing.

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