WYR: The Start of Something Bigger

Some weeks I’m itching for a good mystery. Others I’m craving an emotional roller coaster. Or fantasy. Or historical fiction. Or goodness knows what. It might be brand new or something ancient or anywhere in between. In any case, it’s nice to share, so …

What’s Your Read?

I had not yet chosen a book for this weekend when a certain used paperback crossed my path while I ran some errands. How could I say no to a beloved favorite like this?

Before Ged was known across Earthsea, he was simply Duny, a child of the island of Gont with little family besides the disinterested aunt who taught him his first rhymes and lore. His raw power and quick wits saved his village from invaders, but he had only begun to learn the cost of such control. The search for adventure and knowledge would lead him into far more dangerous waters than those near his boyhood home.

2016-4-1 Wizard of EarthseaUrsula K. LeGuin’s classic cycle begins with A Wizard of Earthsea.



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