Is Using an Online Generator Cheating?

“I love your story. How did you come up with the idea?”

“Where did you get your character’s name?”

“I never would have thought to write a Cthulhu love story in Ancient Egypt; how original!”

I’ve met folks who don’t want to admit that they used a generator, because they’re worried it sounds like their ideas weren’t, well, their ideas. Therefore, let me get this answer out of the way quickly:


Using an online generator, whether for characters, plot creation, or what kind of cuisine your story-world specializes in, is not cheating. Some writers may agonize over a character’s name for days or weeks. Others might use a place-holder until the right one comes to mind. And others still might hop onto their favorite generator and go with the first name spit out for the selected criteria. All options are completely viable (assuming, of course, you aren’t treading into murky waters by taking a character name from work by someone else).

Generators are a place to start. Unless you’re creating an entire novel via generator for fun, you’re not going to end up with the exact same idea you started with. Yes, a character name can be important, but that isn’t where the character ends. Okay, your basic plot might start out tasting a little prepackaged with a randomly-generated flatness. It won’t stay that way (there are editors – wink, wink – who will help make certain of this!). If a generator keeps you writing, whether you’re stretching your skills or seeking assistance for building a world, use it!

Besides, a Cthulhu love story in Ancient Egypt definitely needs to be written.

Check out a few of my personal favorites:

Seventh Sanctum

Great for all those times you need to construct a weapon or create a new species and anything in between.

Behind the Name

From Lithuanian to mythological to Transformer and more, you can get a first, three middle, and a surname.

Chaotic Shiny

For all your dungeon-crawling needs.


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