WYR: Who’s Your Huckleberry?

Some weeks I’m itching for a good mystery. Others I’m craving an emotional roller coaster. Or fantasy. Or historical fiction. Or goodness knows what. It might be brand new or something ancient or anywhere in between. In any case, it’s nice to share, so …

What’s Your Read?

Apologies for the title to anyone who isn’t a fan of Tombstone or 19th century catchphrases, but “I’m your Huckleberry” is just one of those things from my childhood that will never leave my brain.

2016-2-5 Doc

Doc by Mary Doria Russell

Mary Doria Russell’s fictional-but-I-pretend-it’s-accurate-anyway account of Dr. John Henry Holliday’s life is framed by the famous lunger’s death. The drama, agony, charm, and star-crossed romance of Doc dances from his compassionate mother’s arms to his dentist chair to his memory in the hands of his long-time and tempestuous companion, Kate. Little happiness ever found the famous friend of Wyatt Earp, but adventure certainly wasn’t a stranger.


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