WYR: A Heroine Retold

Some weeks I’m itching for a good mystery. Others I’m craving an emotional roller coaster. Or fantasy. Or historical fiction. Or goodness knows what. It might be brand new or something ancient or anywhere in between. In any case, it’s nice to share, so …

What’s Your Read?

Cat Morland hasn’t been reading The Mysteries of Udolpho or The Monk. She’s more into the contemporary vampire romance scene. And she’s convinced that life holds more for her than every day existence in Piddle Valley. A month away from parsonage life and home-school lessons is sure to give her destiny a chance to kick in, so she’s not certain why her family is so blasé about her departure.

Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid

Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid

Val McDermid’s updated take on Jane Austen’s classic swaps Edinburgh for Bath, the Fringe Festival for the social season, and ombre camisoles for sprigged muslin. I love a good spin on Austen, and Northanger was begging to be retold by a crime writer.

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