The Nudge: January 2016

Sometimes we need a little push to start, a tap on the shoulder to give us direction, a tingle of inspiration to excite our imagination, or a reminder of purpose to sustain us on our journey.
Sometimes we need a nudge.

The Nudge: January 2016


Make the tale live in us
In all its many bearings,
O Muse.

Invocation of the Muse
The Odyssey
Homer, trans. T. E. Lawrence*

What grabs you? The significance of a living tale, an entity entrusted to our care? Or the numerous possibilities in its relevance? Or perhaps it’s the mystery of inspiration itself! Are we the source of a story or a vehicle through which it may pass and be shared?

So much goodness in so few words. A plea to the heavens and a grounding in our genius. Not a bad place to start one’s work.

*Although more translations of The Odyssey are available than I can keep track of, I love Lawrence’s version of the invocation for its prayer-like beauty. You can find more of it here.

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