Letters to My Editor: In Search of Balance

What does a working relationship between a writer and an editor look like? Author and HNE client, Jessie Clever and I have known each other for more than ten years. So in our case, it looks a little snarky.

Welcome to Letters to My Editor. She writes to me one week on her blog. I reply the next on mine. Mayhem just might ensue.

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Letters-to-My-Editor_edited-1Dear Jessie,

It’s hard to believe that today marks the penultimate Monday of 2015 and, even weirder, my last letter to you in this series. For now, at least. I’ve enjoyed our letters so much, and I’m grateful to you and our readers for the experience. Here’s looking forward to future LTME reunions!

Over the years, I’ve been working on slowing down, being mindful, and letting go of the pressure to meet a prescribed criteria for the holiday season. It’s a work in progress. Keeping a balance between responsibilities and the break in routine presents one of the biggest challenges to this effort. Either I get caught up in doing too much and drown out every last ounce of holiday cheer, or I embrace the chance to breathe but feel a massive disconnect that derails my return to work in the new year. I want to start 2016 off feeling inspired, refreshed, and excited instead of disoriented, drained, and listless. January through March is a gray enough time in Indiana as it is; I don’t need to sabotage my productivity as well.

I have two favorite and simple tools for finding this balance when travel plans and wintertime festivities take over my schedule: a pocket-sized notebook and a watch. These two combined let me leave my electronics behind. With the time on my wrist and only pen and paper to hand, it’s a lot harder to get sucked into answering emails or checking social media.  I can jot down to-do lists, questions that bounce around my head, and especially, ideas that spring from the hilarity or crisis of the holiday dinner table (a truly terrifying thing to admit since, on occasion, a family member reads my blog). With less screen time, I’m more present with loved ones, but I also feel responsible and successfully accountable to my work by writing things down for future reference.

I’m curious: what do you do around this time of year to keep your creativity flowing in the midst of celebration and obligation? And what is 2016 bringing your way?



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