Week of the Banned

Think of your favorite book from your childhood. (I know, I know. Just one favorite is ridiculous; humor me.) Now, imagine someone else hating your favorite book so much that they don’t think anyone should read it. They don’t want it in schools or libraries. If they could shut down the printing press itself, they would. Imagine that someone else’s disapproval had prevented you from ever experiencing your book.

Banned Books Week 2015 starts this Sunday, September 27, so here are some resources to get in the mood:

Why is any of this important?
Here’s a little something I wrote last year for the theatre company I was working for.

Looking for clarification on what a challenge is?
The American Library Association has you covered.

But what is this “Banned Books Week” of which I speak?
There’s a whole site devoted to that.

Has your favorite classic been banned or challenged?
Again, the ALA to the rescue.

The Freedom to Read Foundation might have funded an event near you.
Special shout out to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library here in Indy!

Looking for some banned swag?
Out of Print Clothing has some socks (and other stuff, too) you should check out.
Or the ALA’s online store.

Or wear your favorite text on your sleeve . . . or neck.

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