Letters to My Editor: Besquiggled

What does a working relationship between a writer and an editor look like? Author and HNE client, Jessie Clever and I have known each other for more than ten years. So in our case, it looks a little snarky.

Welcome to Letters to My Editor. She writes to me one week on her blog. I reply the next on mine. Mayhem just might ensue.

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Letters-to-My-Editor_edited-1Dear Jessie,

My opinion is your opinion.

This comes down to preference. I, too, am antagonized by the appearance of a scarlet-crested, squiggle-bottomed typopotamus. However, its cousin, the infuriating royal-crested, squiggle-bottomed grammarmus is what will truly put me in a snit. When the population of these beasts explodes across the screen, all work comes to a halt.

Go with whatever works best for you:

  • Ignore it. Keep on typing. You’re a genius; it’s a program. What does it know?
  • Beat it. Add your original words to the program’s dictionary (right click on squiggle). Or tell it to ignore this or all instances of the besquiggled word.
  • Join it. Diligently watch for every squiggle, and when in doubt, double check in a desk reference.
  • Defy it. You can turn off the spell/grammar check function in Microsoft Word 2013 under File > Options > Proofing. I would suggest turning it back on to check over your manuscript before sending it to your editor, because you love your editor and want to keep her happy.

Speaking of keeping your editor happy, how’s the latest story coming?



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