WYR: A Nose for Mystery

Some weeks I’m itching for a good mystery. Others I’m craving an emotional roller coaster. Or fantasy. Or historical fiction. Or goodness knows what. It might be brand new or something ancient or anywhere in between. In any case, it’s nice to share, so …

What’s Your Read?

Bernie Little, private investigator, is a wonderful man. He has his charming (and sympathetic) flaws, but he’s intelligent, dedicated, tough as nails, and has a heart the size of the canyon in his backyard. Then again, he would seem that way considering who’s narrating this story.

That would be Chet. Bernie’s dog.

Where, oh, where have you been all my life, Chet? A mystery narrated by a dog? How did I miss this series until now? That’s been rectified, thank goodness.

Chet’s handles the security and the olfactory divisions of the Little Detective Agency while Bernie covers the opposable thumbs and language requirements. Bernie will be quick to tell you that Chet is K-9 trained. Chet will be quick to clarify that he didn’t graduate, though he’ll have to share that story later if there’s time.

The action doesn’t stop in this one. Well, that is, unless someone gets Bernie off on a rant about people who water their lawns in the desert or Chet’s nose catches a whiff of something tasty.

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

  Have a suggestion for my next read? What’s yours?

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