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How Novel Editing (HNE) provides quality editing services to strengthen a writer’s work while always seeking to be a source of support and encouragement for authors.

Whether you are pursuing traditional or self-publishing, enlisting the help of an editing service like HNE assures that you can be relied upon not only for a great story but for a polished book worthy of investment.

Contact Kate directly at hownovelediting@gmail.com.


Shake Down Your AshesKate has an unbelievable eye for character development, pacing, tone, and plot. I never send out a work without Kate giving it her thorough editing touch. I can go over a manuscript several times and sense that something is not working. Kate will not only identify the problem, but she’ll offer sound suggestions for fixing it. My writing has matured exponentially since working with Kate, and she is an invaluable member of my team in releasing professionally polished books.

Jessie Clever
Amazon Bestselling Author and 2014 Golden Leaf Finalist